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Speech: ”We need rules on conflict of interest in climate policy”

Max Andersson speaking at COP23 on conflict of interests and the fossil lobby.

I was invited to speak for the Climate Justice Network at the Open Dialogue meeting at COP23 and raise the need for rules on conflicts of interest in climate politics. We need to restrain the influence of the fossil-lobby.

Below are my prepared remarks:

Thank you facilitator. I’m Max Andersson and today I have the honor of representing the Climate Justice Network. I would like to speak briefly on the third question and the need for rules on conflict of interest in climate policies.

Because we have a problem. Some corporations, like the fossil industry have a lot of money invested in practices that destroy the planet. And they could earn a lot by delaying climate action.

We know that parts of the fossil fuel industry is opposing climate action. I am not pointing the finger at anybody but are we really sure that they are good faith actors? That they are not trying to delay, or or push for bad solutions or otherwise pour sand into the machinery?

There is nothing strange about having a policy on conflict of interests – it is one of those things you should have. This is why the European Parliament recently voted on a resolution that calls on the UNFCCC to adress this by putting in place policies that protects against conflicts of interest, and enhances participation.

A proper and sensible set of rules, such as those in the WHO Framework on Engagement of Non-State Actors would enhance public participation, by making sure that people are there to help.

Those that wish to undermine the aims of the Convention and Paris Agreement should not be given free rein.

I urge you to move forward with the work of adopting proper rules on conflicts of interest that enhances public participation.

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