Max Andersson

OK, jag är imponerad!

Enligt UPI har en sjuttonårig kille i Michigan precis byggt en fusionsreaktor i sina föräldrars garage.

17-year-old Thiago Olson set up a machine in his parents’ garage and has been working exhaustively for more than two years. His machine creates nuclear fusion on a small scale.

Nuclear fusion is ”kind of like the holy grail of physics,” Olson told the Free Press.

Olson’s machine consists of a vacuum that sucks air out, and then deuterium — a form of hydrogen — is injected into the vacuum. He then charges electricity into the vacuum, causing the atoms in the center to be attracted to one another, creating nuclear fusion.

Garagereaktorer är visserligen ingen lösning på energikrisen, men i hans ålder höll jag fortfarande på med att gjuta tennsoldater.